About us

Established on October 17, 1921, Bethel is home to many in the Pocatello, Idaho Area. The church is located at 401 N. 5th Avenue. The church hosts a myriad of services that are aimed at growing the individual's spirituality.

Below is a list of services at Bethel:

  • Sunday School.....................................9:30 AM
  • Sunday New Members Class..................10:00 AM
  • Sunday Morning Worship.......................11:00 AM
  • Thursday Night Bible Study.....................6:00 PM
  • Friday Choir Rehearsal............................6:00 PM


Bethel Missionary Baptist Church is led by the Reverend Kenneth L. Johnson was born and raised in New York City and received his postsecondary and graduate schooling at Morris Brown College and the Interdenominational Theological Center, in Atlanta, Georgia; earning a Bachelor’s of Art in Mass Communications and a Master’s of Divinity, respectively.

Pastor Johnson has over twenty years experience in church administration, preaching, teaching, and evangelism. He holds ordinations in both the Church of God In Christ and the Baptist Church. His service in the ministry includes experience in clinical pastoral counseling, the development of urban outreach ministries, Christian educational ministries, and institutional chaplaincy ministries. 

He also has served as a leader and organizer of international cross-cultural and ecumenical ministries to Ghana and Nigeria. In addition, he was also a resident missionary in Kenya.  As a preacher and scholar in theology, Pastor Johnson taught at Beulah Bible College in Atlanta and West Angeles Church of God in Christ Bible College, in Los Angeles.

In the Intermountain West Pastor Johnson is the Vice President of the Inter-Mountain General Baptist Convention. He also has served as an associate minister under the spiritual guidance of the Reverend France A. Davis of Calvary Baptist Church, in Salt Lake City, Utah.

In the area of academics, Pastor Johnson has a PhD from the University of Utah were he presently teaches. He is married to Mrs. Cheryl Johnson and they have two daughters.

Fiscal Reporting

The Finance Committee has the responsibility to report the financial status of the church, incorporating such elements as the budgetary effects of the various clergy and staff salaries, the cost of maintaining various ministries, and related matters.

The Finance Committee is led by:

  • Sister Mary E. Williams,
  • Sister Ventrolla King,
  • Sister Lorinda Sowell, and
  • Sister Cheryl Johnson.

Board of Trustees

The board of trustees supervises and maintains all property belonging to its congregation so that the ministries of the congregation can be effective. The committee is entrusted to see to the proper keeping of God's house as a way to honor God and to facilitate the ministry of the local church.

The trustees together have several legal and administrative functions. They are to: oversee, maintain, and supervise all local church property, make certain that all trust funds of the congregation are invested properly. Develop guidelines for receiving and managing wills, trusts, bequests, and other investments given to the church. Ensure that the articles of incorporation of the congregation are kept up-to-date, if applicable. Be responsible, in conjunction with the pastor, for all use of the church buildings and grounds. Maintain adequate insurance coverage on all church property and develop appropriate risk management policies. Submit to the committee on finance the annual budget requests for insurance, property maintenance and improvement, and new property purchases.

The Board of Trustees is led by:

  • Brother John C. Williams, Chairman
  • Brother Buddy Frazier
  • Sister Mary E. Williams
  • Brother Robert Levels
  • Brother Ron Harwell
  • Brother Maurice Sowell


The responsibilities of a deacon are not clearly listed or outlined; they are assumed to be everything that does not include the duties of an elder or pastor, which is to preach, teach, and exhort. New Testament Deacons serve the Lord by conducting the caring ministry of the church-doing the benevolence work, visiting the sick, being alert to the spiritual needs of the congregation-for the purposes of freeing the pastoral staff to focus on prayer and the ministry of the Word, promoting unity within the church, and facilitating the spread of the gospel.

The church deacons are:

  • Deacon Robert Robertson
  • Bro Maurice Sowell (Deacon-in-training)