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No matter where you are in your spiritual journey, from your first glimps of discovering "Why God" to the seasoned disciple of Jesus Christ, we care about you.  At Bethel, you can expect a welcoming reception from others who are also striving to learn and grow in the grace of God, establish new friendships, and help to improve 'your life' as one that is glorifying to God.


Salvation is a churchy word that is used alot among Christians but it is not always understood by the listener who may have never heard the term used in any contextual way that is understandable.   

Let me give you a couple of examples:   (1) A sports team (your choice) is having a bad game and is losing buy alot.  The coach puts in a new player, who happens to be having such good day that it changes the momentum of the team and they win the game.  (2) Through circumstances you may or may not have caused, you find your self in trouble.  Someon else comes in and sees the situation and gets you out of it.

In both examples things were not going well and someone else made a change.  That person would be called the savior because he or she made bad situation better.  The savior provided you or the team with salvation because the situation was changed by the savior.

When it comes to our relationship with God we fail to live up to the standards of God because of the bad things we do and we call that sin.

Now in order for us to get free from sin we needed a savior to provide for us salvation so we can get out of the bad situation of the sin trap.  For the Christian, that savior in found in Jesus, the Christ, the Messiah, the Savior.

The video below uses scripture from the Bible to further explain this process in a teaching called "The Roman's Road.

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Bethel Baptist Church was established in 1862 when farm families were large and farms were small. Many changes have taken place over the years and Bethel remains in the country worshiping God and welcoming all from rural and urban areas. Come and experience God's presence in a family friendly atmosphere and be encouraged in heart and united in love!