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Diamond in the Rough

by: Steven Robinson



--------------------- "The Skilled Blows of God" ------------------

Many years ago, there was found in an African mine the most magnificent diamond in the world's history. It was presented to the king of England to blaze in his crown or state. The king sent it to Amsterdam to be cut. It was put into the hands of an expert lapidary. And what do you suppose he did with it? He took the gem of priceless value, and cut a notch in it. Then he struck a hard blow with his instrument and--lo!--the superb jewel lay in his hand cleft in… read more

The Zoombie Apocalypse

by: Steven Robinson



----------The Zoombie Apocalypse----------

Who ever thought the Covid-19 Stay-at-Home Order would last this long? I certainly didn’t. Now it looks like we are looking at the end of the month at the earliest before we will be able to start gathering together again. As a result, many new innovations are being utilized in order to be connected and isolated at the same time. As necessity is the mother of invention it still has to do battle with trying to teach an old dog new tricks. If I had my way, I would probably still have a flip phone if I had… read more